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How much will I get paid for a work injury?

If you get injured at work in South Carolina, your employer probably has workers' compensation insurance that will pay for your injury. Most employers are required to carry this insurance on workers. Often, injuries are severe enough that you miss at least some time on the job. You probably want to know if you will be paid for that time off. When it comes to workers' compensation, the Workers' Compensation Commission explains that you can get paid, but there are limitations to those payments.

What kinds of injuries does workers' compensation cover?

While some industries are significantly more dangerous than others, no matter where you work in South Carolina, you face unique risks every day when you arrive at your job. While your employer has probably implemented guidelines and protocols to mitigate accidents in the workplace, there may still be incidents that result in the unexpected injury of yourself or one of your colleagues. 

Bystanders injured after sudden scaffolding collapse

Fall-related injuries are some of the most common injuries in the construction industry. Often, these types of accidents are related to scaffolding. While many South Carolina companies go to extensive efforts to guarantee that their workers stay safe and understand how to properly assemble scaffolding equipment, accidents can still happen. Unfortunately, in some instances, these situations can create risks for everyone in the surrounding area, even bystanders and pedestrians. 

Manufacturing jobs in america: are they getting better?

Young workers in search of jobs and those in full-swing careers alike probaby wonder what their industries might look like in the future. Keeping a close eye on the outlook of one's field of work is a measure many American employees take to best adjust to change. When it comes to the manufacturing industry, should South Carolina workers expect to see better safety precautions, and ultimately better working conditions?  

What is the process of filing a worker's compensation claim?

If you have recently suffered an injury or are experiencing symptoms of a mysterious illness that are work-related, you have probably considered starting the process of filing a worker's compensation claim with your employer in South Carolina. While the process is a relatively straight-forward one, it is imperative that you act quickly and pay attention to the details to avoid making costly errors that could leave you with a denied claim and mounting medical bills. 

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