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How Will A Criminal Conviction Impact Your Gun Rights?

How Will A Criminal Conviction Impact Your Gun Rights?

The South Carolina and United States constitutions each provide strong protections for the right to bear arms. However, these rights are not absolute. Laws in South Carolina and federal laws exist to take away the right to possess a firearm while many forms of criminal charges are pending and after a criminal conviction for a wide range of criminal offenses. Many hunters, collectors and gun owners may not fully understand how criminal charges impact their gun rights. Moreover, the laws extend to ammunition, as well as the firearm.

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Criminal Charges And Convictions May Impact Gun Rights

While South Carolina is generally a gun-friendly state, both state and federal gun control laws kick in when a person is charged with a felony offense, a violent crime or a misdemeanor domestic violence. While the criminal case is proceeding, your right to possess a firearm will be restricted. If you are convicted of any qualifying offense, you will not be able to lawfully possess a gun of any kind nor will you be able to possess ammunition.

If you are facing allegations of domestic violence of any kind or a felony level offense, it is important for you to seek the guidance of a skilled lawyer who can provide advice and guidance concerning all of your legal options. My criminal defense law firm is founded on the principles of integrity, dedication and experience. I listen to each client to understand their goals and concerns. I thoroughly evaluate all of the evidence and provide the full information they need to understand how the law applies to the unique situation, including the potential collateral consequences of a conviction.

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