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Theft Crimes

A Strong Defense Against Theft Charges

The police and prosecutor may make it seem as if the case against you is airtight. They may make it seem as though they have all the evidence they need to convict you of theft. It is my job to thoroughly examine and attack that evidence, no matter how strong it seems. Perhaps they have security camera video evidence. On the surface, this seems like strong evidence, but even it may have flaws. How clear is the video? Is your face shown?

In other cases, the charges may be based entirely on witness statements. How reliable is the witness? Were you accused because a supposed collaborator in the alleged crime pointed the finger? No matter what has happened, you can count on me to attack the evidence and level the playing field in pursuit of a positive outcome for you.

Attacking The Evidence Against You

A theft crime conviction can result in incarceration and fines. Having this type of conviction on your criminal record may also make it difficult to get a job or even cause you to lose your current job. I am George B. Bishop, Jr., a Berkeley County theft crimes lawyer with more than 30 years of criminal defense experience. I am a former prosecutor and strong advocate to have on your side, no matter how serious the charges are.

Theft crimes come in many forms and many levels of severity. As your attorney, I can defend you against white collar offenses, as well as theft, and all theft-related charges, including shoplifting or retail theft, stealing a car, theft by fraud, forgery and embezzlement, as well as robbery and burglary.

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