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Personal Injury

Moncks Corner Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one suffered a personal injury in Moncks Corners or another part of South Carolina, you may have medical bills and be unable to work. When another person causes your injury, you can rely on George B. Bishop, Attorney at Law, to fight for the most compensation. George B. Bishop, Jr. has over 30 years of personal injury experience and is ready to fight for your rights in these and other injury cases:

Car Accidents

Car accidents are a major cause of personal injury and property damage in South Carolina. The South Carolina Traffic Collision Fact Book states there is a car accident every 4.3 minutes in our state. If you were in an auto accident recently caused by another driver, you may be unsure what to do or where to turn. You also could have a pile of unpaid medical bills and be unable to work for weeks or months.

Attorney George B. Bishop, Jr. can review your car accident case and determine if another party is liable. Then, he can negotiate with the insurance company to obtain the best settlement for your medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering. Failing that, we are ready to take your case to a jury and argue for fair compensation for your losses.

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycles and other alternated forms of transportation provide a great deal of utility. Unfortunately, these forms of transportation do not have the same visual profile as larger vehicles and can unfortunately be harder to see for motorists. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, let us review your case with you. You may be entitled to a settlement.

Truck Accidents

Whether it’s Route 6, Route 52, or Interstate 26 near Moncks Corner, there are many serious tractor-trailer accidents in our area. Commercial trucks move a lot of cargo in South Carolina, and throughout the country, and when a truck driver or his employer is negligent, there can be devastating accidents.

If your passenger vehicle was hit by a tractor-trailer recently, you could have broken bones, head trauma, neck and back injuries, and more. Your recovery could take months, and you might even have a permanent disability. Let Attorney Bishop take the fight to the carrier’s insurance company for you.

Pedestrian Accidents

Being struck by a car as a pedestrian can cause devastating injuries that could affect the rest of your life. George B. Bishop, Jr. is experienced in extracting maximum compensation from defendants and their insurance companies for pedestrian accidents.

For example, if you suffered serious injuries to your hands, legs, and feet in a pedestrian accident, it could affect your ability to earn a living. Our attorneys would fight to get you fair compensation for your lost wages as well as loss of ability to work in the future.

Motorcycle Accidents

Many motorcycle accidents are caused by the other driver’s inattention or simply not seeing the motorcycle. If that happens to you or your loved one, our attorneys will try to prove that the other driver violated their duty of care, causing the accident and your injuries.

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After an accident in Moncks Corner, the last thing you need to worry about is fighting with the insurance company or at-fault party about paying for your injuries and other losses. Let our Moncks Corner personal injury attorney from George B. Bishop, Jr., Attorney at Law, represent your interests, and you can focus on your recovery. Schedule a consultation with our attorneys today at (843) 761-8213 or use our contact us form.