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Workers' Compensation

Moncks Corner Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Most of us have to go to work every day to afford to live and provide for our families. But what happens if you’re hurt on the job in South Carolina? You may have unaffordable medical bills, be unable to work, and feel hopeless. Fortunately, most full-time workers in South Carolina are eligible for workers’ compensation if they’re hurt on the job.

However, employers and their workers’ comp insurance companies may try to deny your claim or reduce your compensation. Don’t let it happen! Our Moncks Corner and Berkeley County workers’ comp attorney from George B. Bishop, Jr. Attorney at Law can get you what you are owed.

How Long Do You Have To Report A Work Injury?

You should report your injury to your employer and ask for medical treatment if you need it. In South Carolina, you have 90 days to report your injury to your supervisor and two years to file the claim with the Workers’ Compensation Commission. However, filing your claim as soon as possible is best, or your employer could question the injury.

How Do I File A Worker’s Comp Claim?

You can file the claim yourself if your employer doesn’t or if it denies your claim. You must file Form 50 with the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission to file your claim. When you file this form, you should check box 13a, which states you are filing a claim and not asking for a hearing. But, if you think you are not getting the benefits you deserve, you should talk to Attorney Bishop immediately. He will help you request a workers’ comp hearing.

What Workers’ Comp Compensation Am I Entitled To?

You’re entitled to 66 ⅔% of your average weekly earnings in South Carolina based on the previous four quarters. But you cannot receive more than the maximum average weekly wage determined annually by the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce.

Will I Get Compensation For My Missed Work Time?

The state has a seven-day waiting period before you start getting benefits. If you’re not working for more than a week, payments will be made from your company’s workers’ comp insurance representative. But if you are out of work for more than 14 days, you will receive payment for the first seven days.

What Does It Cost To Hire A Workers’ Comp Attorney?

When you’re hurt and out of work, it probably doesn’t seem like the ideal time to hire an attorney because of the cost. However, if you retain Attorney Bishop for your case, you are charged a contingency fee at the end of the case, but only if we win. You don’t need to pay out of pocket or anything at all if your attorney doesn’t get compensation for you.

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You may be entitled to workers’ compensation if you were hurt on the job in construction, a factory, or somewhere else in the Moncks Corner area. Your family also may be eligible for death benefits. Berkeley County workers’ compensation attorney George B. Bishop can help maximize your compensation and get you the medical care you need. Contact us today for a consultation at (843) 761-8213 for more information.